Start osns_system

Till now the service osns_client did all kind of things, like:

detect network services using DNS-SD, watch the mounted resources, watch the desktop sessions, provide a browseable map for every desktop user to access network resources. To do so it required the highest (“root”) privileges, while this is not required for everything it does, and it’s far better using the privileges of the desktop user. So I started to split it into a system part (osns_system, running as root) and a user part (osns_client).

osns_system tasks:

  • watch network resources using DNS-SD
  • watch the table of mounted devices and (network) backends
  • mount and umount a browseable network map for a desktop session
  • watch changes in directories, like adding and removing of files and notify clients
  • watch quota on disks and notify clients

osns_client tasks:

  • populate the browseable map mounted by osns_system
  • notify the desktop user of events like quota alert, file added in a watched folder, a new service is detected in the network, an incoming request from another user in the network to chat in a for that session convenient manner (popup, system alerts)